Akra provides the infrastructure you need to take your regulated digital healthcare solutions to market.


We help Pharma companies speed up the development of scalable solutions for research and commercial use by qualifying and validating medical software.

Akra gives pharma companies the power to build scalable regulated digital health care products in a very short amount of time. We provide the infrastructure, resources and expertise you need to enter the market with all the necessary technological and regulatory requirements in place.

Real-time digital data processing

Our clinically validated, regulatory-grade, AI-powered infrastructure, processes real-time data that can be used by clinicians and patients.

Full-range compatibility

Our infrastructure is compatible with a variety of digital health products, including mobile apps, wearable devices, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and optimized algorithms that will process real-time data, predict and generate insights.

In-house digital products

We enable pharma companies to build in-house technology that allows them to keep their own data and intellectual property protected and secured.

A seasoned team of experts

AKRA is resourced with top talent from pharma, tech, regulatory and scientific backgrounds who can solidify your visions and build a strong scalable infrastructure for you to launch from.

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